Aye - Corona!

Aye - Corona!

UPDATE:  This CoronaVirus is a strong one!  It appears no-one has been spared it's viral grip!  In this time of 'social distancing' and 'shelter in place' orders many venues are closed.  We've had a number of shows cancelled and are staying in touch with venues as the calendar marches on.  We'll update this page as we know more.  In the meantime - wander around our website to get to know us and our music! 

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"Chris and Mary of "Released From Quiet" have held the House of Slide "Spellbound" with their original arrangements of classics and soulful original songs. Chris' voice is smokey like fine aged Scotch!"

... Marty Lepore, co-owner, House of Slide, Carnation, Wa

"One surprise was hearing Chris Kendziorski...Chris played his electric, hard body very tastefully through a small amplifier...He showed not only good licks but some interesting lyrics in ‘Room 610’. That the actual room 610 could have been just about anywhere -- leaves the impression of mystery."

J.W. McClure, Victory Music Review

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