Released From Quiet is the Singer Songwriter IndieRock Duo from Bellevue, WA. - Chris Kendziorski (guitar/vocals), Mary Yeager (cajon/vocal/ukulele). Songs of the road, out of this world love, and introspection weave their way into RFQ songs.  Sung with gravely angst & groovy rhythms, this duo is sure to kick up a variety of emotions that remind us to live this life we love and love this life we live.

Chris was born and raised in southern Japan.  Living as a civilian near Sasebo U.S. Naval Base.  His Dad a math teacher.  After graduating high school, Chris moved to the states and attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA.  Feeling too far away from his home in Japan, Chris moved to Hawaii and Oregon before finding a place that finally felt like a new home in the Pacific Northwest.

Mary began her journey in the sticks of Alaska. Her first venture out of the Last Frontier was in a VW bug along with 6 siblings, her Mom and a cat - on a road trip down the unpaved Al-Can (Alaska-Canada) Highway to Seattle, Washington. Her travels have found her living on islands at sea level all the way up to 10,200 ft. elevation in Colorado. Once she found herself back in the Pacific Northwest, USA she began to focus on her drumming and songwriting.

Released From Quiet

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Featured Emerging ^ Artist January 1, 2017 on COAST to COAST AM 
with George Noory

Jane Titland Memorial Songwriting Finalist 2019
"Power of Song"