to leave a tip

press the donate button


How does this work?   Press the donate button.  It will take you to PayPal where you can choose to process thru PayPal  <or>  with a credit card.  Your choice!
                                             Enter amount you wish to tip then follow prompts to complete the transaction!


Is my information safe?  Yep!   PayPal encryption keeps your online transaction guarded from start to finish.  


Is this a new thing to do?   Nowadays many of us walk around with little cash in our pockets. We've had folks at our shows apologize for not being able to add to the tip jar cuz all they had was credit cards.  We can take credit cards at our shows - but we're usually on stage and we don't have an entourage to man our merch table.  So - we thought - how can we make this easy for you.  Let us know what you think!